101 books published by 101 indie publishers + presses

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today I’m back with ANOTHER ‘101 books’ post, this time featuring 101 books by 101 different indie presses and publishers. I was debating on how to lay out this post for ages but in the end I decided to choose one book from each small press, include some info about that book and then a link to the small press’ website so you can easily click and browse all of their other titles- so it’s kind of a 2-in-1 post!

you can find all of my other 101 posts here, including my most recent one ‘101 disability/illness books’: https://molsbymoonlight.wordpress.com/category/101-series/ this will be my last one for a couple months but my next one will hopefully be ‘101 books featuring/written by trans, non-binary and genderqueer people’!

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⭐️1. CITY OF INCURABLE WOMEN by maud casey, published by BELLEVUE LITERARY PRESS: Long history’s ghosts, marginalized and dispossessed due to their gender and class, “hysterical women” are reimagined by Casey as complex people with stories to tell. These linked, prose portraits, accompanied by period photographs and medical documents both authentic and invented, restore the humanity to the 19th-century female psychiatric patients confined in Paris’s Salpêtrière hospital and reduced to specimens for study by the celebrated neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot and his male colleagues. https://blpress.org/books/

⭐️2. A NATURAL HISTORY OF TRANSITION by callum angus, published by METONYMY PRESS: A collection of short stories that disrupts the notion that trans people can only have one transformation. Like the landscape studied over eons, change does not have an expiration date for these trans characters, who grow as tall as buildings, turn into mountains, unravel hometown mysteries, and give birth to cocoons. https://metonymypress.com/product-category/print-books/

⭐️3. SUTURE by nic brewer, published by BOOK HUG PRESS: To make her films, Eva must take out her eyes and use them as batteries. To make her art, Finn must cut open her chest and remove her lungs and heart. To write her novels, Grace must use her blood to power the word processor. Suture shares three interweaving stories of artists tearing themselves open to make art. The result is a hyper-real exploration of the cruelties we commit and forgive in ourselves and others. https://bookhugpress.ca

⭐️4. NOOPIMING; THE CURE FOR WHITE LADIES by leanne betasamosake simpson, published by HOUSE OF ANANSI PRESS: Mashkawaji (they/them) lies frozen in the ice, remembering a long-ago time of hopeless connection and now finding freedom and solace in isolated suspension. They introduce us to the seven main characters: Akiwenzii, the old man who represents the narrator’s will; Ninaatig, the maple tree who represents their lungs; Mindimooyenh, the old woman who represents their conscience; Sabe, the giant who represents their marrow; Adik, the caribou who represents their nervous system; Asin, the human who represents their eyes and ears; and Lucy, the human who represents their brain. Each attempts to commune with the unnatural urban-settler world, and search out the natural world, only to discover those pockets that still exist are owned, contained, counted, and consumed. Cut off from nature, the characters are cut off from their natural selves. https://houseofanansi.com/collections/all

⭐️5. VARIATIONS by juliet jacques, published by INFLUX PRESS: Using fiction inspired by found material and real events, Variations explores the history of transgender Britain with lyrical, acerbic wit. It travels from Oscar Wilde’s London to austerity-era Belfast via inter-war Cardiff, a drag bar in Liverpool just after the decriminalisation of homosexuality, Manchester’s protests against Clause 28, and Brighton in the 2000s. Jacques rewrites and reinvigorates a history so often relegated to stale police records and sensationalist news headlines. https://www.influxpress.com/books

⭐️6. THE NIGHT VISITORS by jenn ashworth and richard v hirst, published by DEAD INK BOOKS: Orla used to be a famous writer and now she’s seeking a comeback. Alice wants to make something of herself before it’s too late. In The Night Visitors these two women, connected by blood and ambition, investigate their ancestor Hattie Soak, a silent film star who fled the scene of a gruesome unsolved crime. https://deadinkbooks.com/shop/

⭐️7. COMEMADRE by roque larraquy, translated by heather cleary and published by COFFEE HOUSE PRESS: On the outskirts of Buenos Aires in 1907, Doctor Quintana pines for head nurse Menéndez while he and his colleagues embark on a grisly series of experiments to investigate the line between life and death. 100 years later, a celebrated artist goes to extremes in search of aesthetic transformation, turning himself into an art object. How far are we willing to go, Larraquy asks, in pursuit of transcendence? https://coffeehousepress.org

⭐️8. GLITTER + ASHES edited by dave ring, published by NEON HEMLOCK PRESS: an anthology of post-apocalyptic fiction centering queer joy and community in the face of disaster. What does hope look like when everything is lost? The twenty-three stories (and two poems) contained here imagine queer community in myriad futures interrupted by collapse. https://www.neonhemlock.com/books

⭐️9. THE MEAT TREE by gwyneth lewis, published by SEREN BOOKS: A dangerous tale of desire, DNA, incest and flowers plays out within the wreckage of an ancient spaceship in an absorbing retelling of the Blodeuwedd Mabinogion myth. https://www.serenbooks.com

⭐️10. INDIGENOUS SPECIES by khairani barokka, published by TILTED AXIS PRESS: A young girl is abducted and smuggled aboard a boat bound upstream on an Indonesian river, through a landscape scarred by ecological destruction and historical greed. As her captors take her deeper into the jungle, her uncertain fate is compounded by the sense of her environment as a place of violence, destruction and jeopardy. But it is also a place from which she herself is indigenous, and if she can root herself back into its landscape and languages, she may yet save herself. https://www.tiltedaxispress.com/books

⭐️11. GIRLS LIKE ME by nina packebush, published by YES YES BOOKS: With her genderqueer sweetheart dead, 16 year-old Banjo is left pregnant and institutionalized – it seems like things can’t get much worse for her.  Now she struggles to face her demons, the future, and a staff that keeps giving her the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment, and the wrong perspective.  At least she has her friends – but will friends be enough? https://www.yesyesbooks.com/shop

⭐️12. A CERTAIN HUNGER by chelsea g summers, published by UNNAMED PRESS: A fictional memoir of a female food writer who recounts the story of her midlife crisis when she began killing & eating her former lovers, in an exploration of food, sex, murder and sociopathy. https://www.unnamedpress.com

⭐️13. TELL ME I’M WORTHLESS by alison rumfitt, published by CIPHER PRESS: A dark, unflinching haunted house novel that takes readers from the well of the literary gothic, up through Brighton’s queer scene, and out into the heart of the modern day trans experience in the UK. https://www.cipherpress.co.uk/shop

⭐️14. IN THE HOUSE UPON THE DIRT BETWEEN THE LAKE AND THE WOODS by matt bell, published by SOHO PRESS: A newly-wed couple escapes the busy confusion of their homeland for a distant and almost-uninhabited lakeshore, but as their every pregnancy fails, the child-obsessed husband begins to rage at this new world: the song-spun objects somehow created by his wife’s singing voice, the giant bear that rules the beasts of the woods, the second moon weighing down the fabric of their starless sky, and the labyrinth of memory dug into the earth beneath their house. https://sohopress.com/store/

⭐️15. MY NAME WAS NEVER FRANKENSTEIN edited by bryan furuness, published by INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS: In this collection, writers use classic adventure tales as a launch pad for an eclectic mix of prequels, alternate universes, spin-offs, and total reboots. Imagine Ahab is shipwrecked on an island of cannibals, or Mr. Hyde tells his side of the story, or the scarecrow from Oz struggles with the mystery of his existence. My Name Was Never Frankenstein upends old territory and classic characters to reclaim them for a new generation. https://iupress.org/books/

⭐️16. A DOWRY OF BLOOD by s.t. gibson, published by NYX PUBLISHING: Saved from the brink of death by a mysterious stranger, Constanta is transformed from a medieval peasant into a bride fit for an undying king. But when Dracula draws a cunning aristocrat and a starving artist into his web of passion and deceit, Constanta realizes that her beloved is capable of terrible things. https://www.nyxpublishing.com/shop/

⭐️17. TAKE CARE WHEN MADE OF GLASS by rachel brittain, published by SWORD AND KETTLE PRESS: Brittain’s Cinderella retelling centered on the illness known as “the glass delusion.” https://swordandkettle.square.site/s/shop

⭐️18. BACKLIGHT by kanji hanawa, published by RED CIRCLE AUTHORS: This thought-provoking and intriguing tale revolves around the extraordinary real story of the 7 year-old boy who went missing in the bear-inhabited forests of northern Japan for six whole days in 2016, after his parents had apparently abandoned him as a punishment. https://www.redcircleauthors.com/our-books/

⭐️19. THE HOUR OF DAYDREAMS by renee macalino rutledge, published by FOREST AVENUE PRESS: Manolo, a respected doctor in the Philippine countryside, believes his wife hides a secret. Prior to their marriage, he spied her wearing wings and flying to the stars with her sisters each evening. As Tala tries to keep her dangerous past from her new husband, Manolo begins questioning the gaps in her stories- and his suspicions push him even further from the truth. A contemporary reimagining of a Filipino folktale. http://www.forestavenuepress.com

⭐️20. SAPPHO’S BAR AND GRILL by bonnie j morris, published by BYWATER BOOKS: Each month for a full year, the holiday parties and theme nights at Sappho’s Bar & Grill spin lonely Hannah into the past when she least expects it. Through her sexy encounters with foremothers ranging from Lilith to Sappho, through Radclyffe Hall to the All American Girls Baseball League, Hannah learns much about herself and women’s survival across time. https://www.bywaterbooks.com/product-category/bywater-books-genre/

⭐️21. FOUR MINUTES by nataliya deleva, published by OPEN LETTER BOOKS: Giving voice to people living on the periphery in post-communist Bulgaria, Four Minutes centers around Leah, an orphan who suffered daily horrors growing up, and now struggles to integrate into society as a gay woman. She confronts her trauma by trying to volunteer at the orphanage, and to adopt a young girl- a choice that is frustrated by bureaucracy and the stigma against gay women. In addition to Leah’s narrative, the novel contains nine other standalone character studies of other frequently ignored voices. These sections are each meant to be read in approximately four minutes, a nod to a social experiment that put forth the hypothesis that it only takes four minutes of looking someone in the eye and listening to them in order to accept and empathize with them. https://www.openletterbooks.org

⭐️22. RIDDANCE; OR THE SYBIL JOINES VOCATIONAL SCHOOL FOR GHOST SPEAKERS & HEARING MOUTH CHILDREN by shelley jackson, published by CATAPULT: 11 year-old Jane, tormented by her stutter, sits in the back seat of a car, letter in hand inviting her to live and study at the Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children. Founded in 1890 by Headmistress Sybil, the school, at first glance, is a sanctuary for children seeking to cure their speech impediments. Inspired by her haunted and tragic childhood, the Headmistress has other ideas. Pioneering the field of necrophysics, the Headmistress harnesses the “gift” she and her students possess. Through their stutters, together they have the ability to channel ghostly voices communicating from the land of the dead, a realm the Headmistress herself visits at will. Things change for the school and the Headmistress when a student disappears, attracting attention from parents and police alike. https://books.catapult.co

⭐️23. WOUNDING by heidi james, published by BLUEMOOSE BOOKS: Cora has everything a woman is supposed to want – a career, a caring husband, and a stylish home. Desperate for release and burdened with guilt she falls into a pattern of ever increasing violence and sexual degradation till a one night stand tips her over the edge and she finds herself in a Dominatrix’s dungeon. http://bluemoosebooks.com/books

⭐️24. STAY SAFE by emma hine, published by SARABANDE BOOKS: At the center of this collection are three sisters and their imaginative fear of grief. Their great-uncle was bitten by a shark, their mother has a brain tumor, their neighbor hangs himself from a tree— and to cope with these very real terrors, the oldest sister creates an intimate fantasy world. The sisters’ environment of ocean and sand, forests and farmhouses, forms a lush backdrop to many of these poems. http://www.sarabandebooks.org

⭐️25. THE TOURIST BUTCHER by jamal ouariachi, published by STRANGERS PRESS: These two stories take unconventional positions within short story archetypes. ‘The Tourist Butcher’ is a grimly comic tale about a serial killer who prepares his victims for a culinary dish, while ‘Memories in Tin Foil’ follows the nightmares and existential crises of a psychology student who receives a slice of human brain as a gift from a biologist roommate. https://www.strangers.press/shop

⭐️26. TELL ME WHO WE WERE BEFORE LIFE MADE US edited by maz hedgehog, published by 3 OF CUPS PRESS: an anthology about imagined histories. Featuring poetry inspired by fairy tales, folklore, urban legends, creation myths, founding myths, Greek/Haitian/Indian/Mancunian myths. Here are our counterfactuals, our apocrypha, our ‘What If’s? https://www.3ofcups.co.uk/shop

⭐️27. EMPTY HOUSES by brenda navarro, published by DAUNT PUBLISHING: Empty Houses unfolds in the aftermath of a child’s disappearance. His mother is distraught. As her life begins to unravel, she is haunted by his absence but also by her own ambivalence: did she even want him in the first place? In a working-class neighbourhood on the other side of Mexico City another woman protects her stolen child. After longing desperately to be a mother, her life is violently altered by its reality. Alternating between these two contrasting voices, Empty Houses confronts the desires, regrets and social pressures of motherhood faced by both the mother who lost her child and the new one who risked everything to take him. https://dauntbookspublishing.co.uk/all-books/

⭐️28. WHY THE MOON TRAVELS by oein debhairduin, published by SKEIN PRESS: A haunting collection of twenty tales rooted in the oral tradition of the Irish Traveller community. Brave vixens, prophetic owls and stalwart horses live alongside the human characters as guides, protectors, friends and foes while spirits, giants and fairies blur the lines between this world and the otherworld. https://skeinpress.com/shop/

⭐️29. THE LAVA IN MY BONES by barry webster, published by ARSENAL PULP PRESS: A frustrated Canadian geologist studying global warming becomes obsessed with eating rocks after embarking on his first same-sex relationship in Europe. Back home, his young sister is a high-school girl who suddenly starts to ooze honey through her pores, an affliction that attracts hordes of bees as well as her male classmates but ultimately turns her into a social pariah. Meanwhile, their obsessive Pentecostal mother repeatedly calls on the Holy Spirit to rid her family of demons. The siblings are reunited on a ship bound for Europe where they hope to start a new life, but are unaware that their disguised mother is also on board and plotting to win back their souls, with the help of the Virgin Mary. https://arsenalpulp.com/Books

⭐️30. WAIN by rachel plummer, published by THE EMMA PRESS: A collection of LGBT themed poetry for teens based on retellings of Scottish myths. The collection contains stories about kelpies, selkies, and the Loch Ness Monster, alongside perhaps lesser-known mythical people and creatures, such as wulvers, Ghillie Dhu, and the Cat Sìth. These poems immerse readers in an enriching, diverse and enchanting vision of contemporary life. Fully illustrated in colour, by Helene Boppert. https://theemmapress.com

⭐️31. GULF DREAMS by emma perez, published by AUNT LUTE BOOKS: the story of a Chicana who comes of age in a racist, rural Texas town. Through memory, the protagonist reexamines her unresolved obsessive love for a young woman, her best friend since childhood. https://www.auntlute.com/titles

⭐️32. SAVAGE GERRY by john jantunen, published by ECW PRESS: Dubbed “Savage Gerry” by the media, Gerald became a folk hero after he shot the men who’d killed his wife and then fled into the northern wilds with his 13 year-old son. Five years after his capture, he’s serving three consecutive life sentences when the power mysteriously goes out at the prison. Released into a mad world populated by murderous bands of biker gangs preying on scattered settlements of survivors, his only hope of ever reuniting with his son is to do what he swore he never would: become “Savage Gerry” all over again. https://ecwpress.com/collections/books

⭐️33. MY HOUSE GATHERS DESIRES by adam mcomber, published by BOA EDITIONS: Drawn from the historical record, Biblical lore, fairy tales, science fiction, and nightmares, these fantastical stories explore gender and sexuality in their darkest and most beautiful manifestations. In “Sodom and Gomorrah,” readers encounter a subversive, ecstatic new version of the Old Testament story. In “The Re’em,” a medieval monk’s search for a mythic beast conjures forbidden desire. And in “Notes on Inversion,” the German psychiatrist Kraft-Ebbing receives a surreal retort to his clinical descriptions of same-sex desire. https://www.boaeditions.org/collections

⭐️34. PASS WITH CARE by cooper lee bombardier, published by DOTTIR PRESS: Weaves together a lyrical blend of personal essays, poetry, and interview transcripts, set against the backdrops of working-class New England, the queer punk scene of early ’90s San Francisco, and the gritty deserts of New Mexico. By documenting trans history through his life in the arts, trans elder Bombardier lends much-needed insight into the lives, coming out, and transitions of older transgender people. https://www.dottirpress.com

⭐️35. FAE edited by rhonda parrish, published by WORLD WEAVER PRESS: Fae bridges traditional and modern styles, from the familiar feeling of a good old-fashioned fairy tale to urban fantasy and horror with a fae twist. This anthology covers a vast swath of the fairy story spectrum, making the old new and exploring lush settings with beautiful prose and complex characters. https://www.worldweaverpress.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

⭐️36. TONO MONOGATARI by shigeru mizuki, published by DRAWN AND QUARTERLY: Japan’s grand master of yokai comics adapts one of the most important works of supernatural literature into comic book form. The cultural equivalent of Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, Tono Monogatari is a defining text of Japanese folklore and one of the country’s most important works of literature. https://drawnandquarterly.com/books-new-releases

⭐️37. ANTLERS OF WATER edited by kathleen jamie, published by CANONGATE: The first ever collection of contemporary Scottish writing on nature and landscape, Antlers of Water showcases the diversity and radicalism of new Scottish nature writing today. Featuring prose, poetry and photography, this inspiring collection takes us from walking to wild swimming, from red deer to pigeons and wasps, from remote islands to back gardens. https://canongate.co.uk/books/

⭐️38. BOYSGIRLS by katie farris, published by TUPELO PRESS: A host of characters emerge from a madwoman’s dreams, populating a world as strange and magnificent as a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. A boy with one wing seeks the secret to flight. A girl with a mirror for a face, adored by all, longs to simply eat. A pregnant girl reflects on the effects of metamorphosis. The stories of boysgirls are modern myths: tales that exist within our present time but also outside it. https://www.tupelopress.org/shop/

⭐️39. ADORABLE by ida marie hede, published by LOLLI EDITIONS: The love between B and Q is tender but worn. When their daughter Æ is born, the everyday lights up in a new way. In its second part, the dead are animated in B’s brain. When B’s father dies, the news is delivered to her by phone and an essayistic, collagist meditation on death and transmission ensues. And then, it’s finally Friday. B and Q descend below the living room floor and wander through a cracked and skittish underworld. In Ida Marie Hede’s porous world, which is our world too, grime, bacteria, and even death are intimately bound up with health and renewal. https://www.lollieditions.com/books

⭐️40. BUILD YOUR HOUSE AROUND MY BODY by violet kupersmith, published by ONE WORLD PUBLICATIONS: Two young women go missing decades apart. Both are fearless, both are lost. And both will have their revenge. The fates of these two women are inescapably linked, bound together by past generations, by ghosts and ancestors, by the history of possessed bodies and possessed lands. Barrelling through the sweaty nightclubs of Saigon to ramshackle zoos, colonial mansions and haunted forests, Violet Kupersmith’s heart-pounding fever dream of a novel deftly combines Vietnamese history and folklore to create an immersive, playful, utterly unforgettable debut. https://oneworld-publications.com

⭐️41. WHAT SHE’S HAVING, published by DEAR DAMSELS: Here, 16 writers explore the complex and meaningful relationships that women have with the food we cook, eat and share. From an essay about elaborate meals for one, an ode to eating with your hands, a story about the love to be found in a plateful of pasta, to a tale exploring the darker side of what we crave, this is a collection that delves into food in all its forms – and celebrates each and every mouthful. https://deardamsels.com/shop/

⭐️42. ANY ISSUE OF THE FAIRYTALE REVIEW: Founded in 2005 by Kate Bernheimer, Fairy Tale Review is an annual literary journal dedicated to publishing new fairy tales and to helping raise public awareness of fairy tales as a diverse, innovative art form. https://www.fairytalereview.com/current-issue/#issues

⭐️43. THREADING THE LABYRINTH by tiffani angus, published by UNSUNG STORIES: Toni, the American owner of a failing gallery, is called to England when she inherits a manor house in Hertfordshire from a lost relative. What she needs is something valuable to sell. But, leaving the New Mexico desert behind, all she finds is a crumbling building, overgrown gardens, and a wealth of historical paperwork that needs cataloguing. Soon she is immersed in the history of the house, and all the people who tended the grounds over the centuries: the gardens that seem to change in the twilight; the ghost of a fighter plane from World War Two; and the figures she sees from the corner of her eye…. http://www.unsungstories.co.uk

⭐️44. SUICIDE WOODS by benjamin percy, published by GRAYWOLF PRESS: A boy in his uncle’s care falls through the ice on a pond and emerges in a frozen, uncanny state. A group of people in therapy for suicidal ideation undergoes a drastic session in the woods with fatal consequences. A body found on a train and a blood-soaked carpet in an empty house are clues to a puzzling crime in a small town. And in a pulse-quickening novella, thrill seekers on a mapping expedition into the “Bermuda Triangle” of remote Alaska are stranded on a sinister island that seems to want them dead. https://www.graywolfpress.org/books

⭐️45. LESSONS IN LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES by elizabeth chakrabarty, published by INDIGO PRESS: Tesya has reasons to feel hopeful after leaving her last job, where she was subjected to a series of anonymous hate crimes. Now she is back home in London to start a new lecturing position, and has begun an exciting, if tumultuous, love affair with the enigmatic Holly. But this idyllic new start quickly sours. Tesya finds herself victimized again at work by an unknown assailant, who subjects her to an insidious, sustained race hate crime. As her paranoia mounts, Tesya finds herself yearning for the most elemental desires: love, acceptance, and sanctuary. Her assailant, meanwhile, is recording his manifesto, and plotting his next steps. https://theindigopress.com/books/

⭐️46. PROUD compiled by juno dawson, published by STRIPES: A stirring, bold and moving anthology of stories and poetry by top LGBTQ+ YA authors and new talent, giving their unique responses to the broad theme of pride. Each story has an illustration by an artist identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

⭐️47. CHILDREN OF THE CAVE by virve sammalkorpi, published by PEIRENE PRESS: 1819. Iax Agolasky, a young assistant to a notable French explorer, sets off on a journey to the Russian wilderness. They soon discover a group of creatures living in a cave: children with animal traits. But are they animals, or are they human? Faced with questions of faith, science and the fundamentals of truth, tensions rise in the camp. Soon the children’s safety becomes threatened and Agolasky needs to act. https://www.peirenepress.com/shop/

⭐️48. SOMETIMES A RIVER SONG by avril joy, published by LINEN PRESS: Aiyana’s voice chronicles her secret pursuit of literacy – her only means of escape from the abuse of her father and from the man to whom she is casually given. Her grandmother, an archetypal figure steeped in wisdom and folk lore and her brother Lyle are her only allies as she makes plans to leave the river she knows and loves. https://www.linen-press.com/shop/

⭐️49. BEARDED WOMEN by teresa milbrodt, published by CHIZINE PUBLICATIONS: A woman trying to have a child has a parasitic twin, an extra lower torso, and set of legs named Bianca- should she have Bianca’s Body removed to improve her chances at conception? A bearded lady considers coming out of the closet about her hirsute nature, while carrying on a battle of wills with an overeating patron in Mr. Chicken. A woman with four ears gets a chance to make extra money as the mascot of a tattoo parlour, and encounters a middle-aged, cookie-baking stalker who believes she is a sign that the end of the world is nigh. Meet the freaks—they’re mothers, wives, and lovers: all of them trying negotiate a world that is quicker to stare than sympathize. https://chizinepub.com

⭐️50. THE SEED KEEPER by diane wilson, published by MILKWEED EDITIONS: Rosalie has grown up in the woods with her father, a former science teacher who tells her stories of plants, the stars, and of the origins of the Dakhota people. Until, one morning, he doesn’t return from checking his traps. Told she has no family, Rosalie is sent to live with a foster family in nearby Mankato. Many years later, Rosalie returns to her childhood home. A widow and mother, she has spent the previous two decades on her white husband’s farm, finding solace in her garden even as the farm is threatened first by drought and then by a predatory chemical company. Now, grieving, Rosalie begins to confront the past, on a search for family, identity, and a community where she can finally belong. In the process, she learns what it means to be descended from women with souls of iron-women who have protected their families, their traditions, and a precious cache of seeds through generations of hardship and loss, through war and the insidious trauma of boarding schools. https://milkweed.org/books?genre=All

⭐️51. TRUE CRIME by samantha kolesnik, published by GRINDHOUSE PRESS: Suzy and her brother, Lim, live with their abusive mother in a town where the stars don’t shine at night. Once the abuse becomes too much to handle, the two siblings embark on a sordid cross-country murder spree beginning with their mom. As the murder tally rises, Suzy’s mental state spirals into irredeemable madness. https://grindhouse-atlatlpress.square.site/s/shop

⭐️52. THE PAPER GARDEN by caitlin vance, published by 7.13 BOOKS: A darkly humorous, gothic and speculative story collection that explores contemporary queer romances, mother-daughter relationships and mental illness by reimagining fairy tales or myths. https://713books.com/our-books/

⭐️53. LOTE by shola von reinhold, published by JACARANDA BOOKS: A literary novel which follows present-day narrator Mathilda’s fixation with the forgotten black Scottish modernist poet, Hermia Druitt, LOTE is an exploration of aesthetics, Beauty, and the ephemeral realm in which they exist. https://www.jacarandabooksartmusic.co.uk/collections/jacaranda-imprint

⭐️54. THIRST by amelie nothomb, published by EUROPA EDITIONS: In a first-person voice, Nothomb narrates Jesus’s final days, from his trial to his crucifixion to the resurrection. Amid asides about his relationships with his mother and Judas, his love for Mary Magdalene, and his many miracles, we find a man struggling with his humanity and his exceptional nature, straddling the line between human and deity, the son of a formless, omnipotent creator in the fallible form of a man. https://www.europaeditions.com/catalogue/search

⭐️55. PAST LIVES FUTURE BODIES by kristin chang, published by BLACK LAWRENCE PRESS: A knife-sharp and nimble examination of migration, motherhood, and the malignant legacies of racism. These poems traverse not only the circularity of trauma but the promise of regeneration- what grows from violence and hatches from healing- as Chang embodies each of her ghosts and invites the specter to speak. https://blacklawrencepress.com/books/

⭐️56. AN ORPHAN WORLD by giuseppe caputo, published by CHARCO PRESS: In a run-down neighbourhood, a father and son struggle to keep their heads above water. Rather than being discouraged by their difficulties and hardship, they are spurred to come up with increasingly outlandish plans for their survival. Even when a terrible, macabre event rocks the neighbourhood’s bar district and the locals start to flee, father and son decide to stay put. This is a bold poignant text that interplays a very tender father-son relationship while exposing homosexuality and homophobia with brutal honesty. https://charcopress.com/bookstore/?category=All

⭐️57. PARADISE BLOCK by alice ash, published by SERPENTS TAIL: In Paradise Block, mould grows as thick as fur along the walls, alarms ring out at unexpected hours and none of the neighbours are quite what they seem. A little girl boils endless eggs in her family’s burnt-out flat, an isolated old woman entices a new friend with gifts of cutlery and cufflinks, and a young bride grows frustrated with her unappreciative husband, the caretaker of creaking, dilapidated Paradise Block. https://serpentstail.com/books/

⭐️58. ANY OF THE CHAPBOOKS FROM DANCING GIRL PRESS (they don’t seem to have synopsis’ on the site though? https://dulcetshop.myshopify.com/collections/dancing-girl-press

⭐️59. ABSORBED by kylie whitehead, published by NEW RUINS: A darkly comic story of female insecurity, body horror and modern relationships. Allison has been with Owen since university. She’s given up writing her novel and is working a dull office job and it feels like the only interesting thing about her is that she’s Owen’s girlfriend. But he’s slipping away from her, and Allison has no idea who she’ll be without him. Panicking, she absorbs him… Soon Allison begins taking on Owen’s best qualities, becoming the person she always thought she should be. But is Owen all she needs to complete herself? Will Allison ever be a whole person? https://www.newruins.co.uk/books

⭐️60. WE ARE WOLVES edited by laurel hightower, cynthia pelayo and gemma amor, published by BURIAL DAY BOOKS: Once upon a time, there was a woman, and she was tired. Tired of pushing. Tired of being pushed. Tired of feeling alone. Tired of so much. So she gathered together a pack of wolves, a band of mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, partners, friends, lovers, survivors, victors and brilliant, shining things, and she told them to sing. And sing they did. The result is WE ARE WOLVES, a chorus of of terrifying, moving and heart-breaking stories from some of horror’s finest contemporary writers. https://burialday.com

⭐️61. APSARA ENGINE by bishakh som, published by FEMINIST PRESS: The eight delightfully eerie stories in Apsara Engine are a subtle intervention into everyday reality: a woman drowns herself in a past affair, a tourist chases another guest into an unforeseen past, and a nonbinary academic researches postcolonial cartography. Imagining diverse futures and rewriting old mythologies, these comics delve into strange architectures, fetishism, and heartbreak. https://www.feministpress.org

⭐️62. CENSUS by jesse ball, published by GRANTA: A father and son who are census takers journey across a nameless country from the town of A to the town of Z in the wake of the father’s fatal diagnosis. Knowing that his time is menacingly short, the father takes his son, who requires close and constant adult guidance, on this trip of indefinite length. Their feelings for each other are challenged and bolstered as they move in and out of a variety of homes, meeting a variety of different people. Census is about the ways in which people react to the son’s condition, to the son as a person in the world. It is about discrimination and acceptance, kindness and art, education and love. https://granta.com/books/

⭐️63. THE FORGOTTEN AND THE FANTASTICAL edited by teika bellamy, published by MOTHERS MILK BOOKS: In this beguiling collection of fairy tales for an adult audience there is both the familiar and the unfamiliar. Here you will find modern twists on old favourites such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘The Dream of Akinosuke’, as well as reinterpretations of ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’ and Arthurian legend. Original fiction has its place here too, with characters so vivid that they will continue to haunt you long after their stories have been read. https://mothersmilkbooks.com/books/

⭐️64. SORRY TO DISRUPT THE PEACE by patty yumi cottrell, published by AND OTHER STORIES: Helen’s adoptive brother has killed himself. According to the internet, there are six possible reasons for suicide. But Helen knows better: she knows that six reasons is only shorthand for the abyss. Helen also knows that she alone is qualified to launch a serious investigation into his death, so she purchases a one-way ticket back to her hometown, Milwaukee. There, as she attempts to uncover why someone would choose to die, she will face her estranged family, her brother’s few friends, and the overzealous grief counsellor, Chad Lambo; she may also discover what it truly means to be alive. https://www.andotherstories.org/books/

⭐️65. SLIPPING by mohamed kheir, published by TWO LINES PRESS: A struggling journalist named Seif is introduced to a former exile with an encyclopedic knowledge of Egypt’s obscure, magical places. Together, as explorer and guide, they step into the fragmented, elusive world the Arab Spring left behind. They trek to an affluent neighborhood where giant corpse flowers rain from the sky. They join an anonymous crowd in the dark, hallucinating together before a bare cave wall. They descend a set of stairs to the spot along the Nile River where, it’s been said, you can walk on water. But what begins as a fantastical excursion through a splintered nation quickly winds its way inward as Seif begins to piece together the trauma of his own past, including what happened to Alya, his lover with the remarkable ability to sing any sound: crashing waves, fluttering wings, a roaring inferno. https://www.catranslation.org/books/#display-tile

⭐️66. THE LADIES by sara veglahn, published by NOEMI PRESS: A trio of professional mourners contemplate their fate, while their days are consumed by the various rituals of grief and an intense hunger that never seems to be sated. The chorus-like quality of the narrative offers the haunting element of the mythological, where past and present merge and become nearly indistinguishable. In dream-like, crystalline prose, this novel interrogates the complexity of existence, of mourning, of identity, of origins. http://www.noemipress.org

⭐️67. PARADISE ROT by jenny hval, published by VERSO BOOKS: Jo is in a strange new country for university and having a more peculiar time than most. In a house with no walls, shared with a woman who has no boundaries, she finds her strange home coming to life in unimaginable ways. Jo’s sensitivity and all her senses become increasingly heightened and fraught, as the lines between bodies and plants, dreaming and wakefulness, blur and mesh. https://www.versobooks.com/books

⭐️68. CORPSING by sophie white, published by TRAMP PRESS: Nora Ephron meets Bram Stoker in White’s vivid and ambitious literary non-fiction collection. White asks uncomfortable questions about the lived reality of womanhood in the 21st century, and the fear that must be internalised in order to find your path through it. She balances vivid storytelling with sharp-witted observations about the horrors of grief, mental illness, and the casual and sometimes hilarious cruelty of life. https://tramppress.com/shop/

⭐️69. SHOW US WHO YOU ARE by elle mcnicoll, published by KNIGHTS OF: When Cora’s brother drags her along to his boss’s house, she doesn’t expect to strike up a friendship with Adrien, son of the intimidating CEO of Pomegranate Technologies. As she becomes part of Adrien’s life, she is also drawn into the mysterious projects at Pomegranate. At first, she’s intrigued by them – Pomegranate is using AI to recreate real people in hologram form. As she digs deeper, however, she uncovers darker secrets… Cora knows she must unravel their plans, but can she fight to make her voice heard, whilst never losing sight of herself? http://knightsof.media

⭐️70. A FLOCK OF SHADOWS edited by claire houguez & rebecca parfitt, published by PARTHIAN BOOKS: Fall into the dreamlike realities of absinthe and madness. Meet intoxicating women and mermaids that aren’t as charming as they seem… Between these pages, blurring the lines of good and evil, the monstrous reality and the monstrous imagine, are gothic stories for modern times. Here, buildings pursue their own malevolent intents; a grieving father and daughter receive an unexpected and grisly visitor; a man is unravelled by strange symbolism in a twilit park; and a botanist will stop at nothing to safeguard her borders. https://www.parthianbooks.com

⭐️71. THE NEW ABJECT, published by COMMA PRESS: Invites leading authors to respond to two parallel theories of the abject – Kristeva’s theory of the psychoanalytic, intimate abject, and Bataille’s societal equivalent – with visceral stories of modern unease. Like all good horror writing, these stories remind us that exposure to what unsettles us, even in small doses, is always better than pretending it doesn’t exist. After all, we can never be wholly free of that which belongs to us. https://commapress.co.uk/books/

⭐️72. SANATORIUM by abi palmer, published by PENNED IN THE MARGINS: A young woman spends a month taking the waters at a thermal water-based rehabilitation facility in Budapest. On her return to London, she attempts to continue her recovery using an 80 pound inflatable blue bathtub which becomes a metaphor for the intrusion of disability. Sanatorium interlaces memoir, poetry and meditations on the body to create a mesmerising debut. http://www.pennedinthemargins.co.uk/index.php/books/

⭐️73. BOTANICAL CURSES AND POISONS by fez inkwright, published by LIMINAL 11: Poisonings are among the most memorable deaths in history, from the Roman Empire to the Medieval era and beyond. Concealed and deliberate, it’s a crime that must be planned in advance. And yet there is a fine line between healing and poisoning. In Botanical Curses and Poisons, Fez Inkwright returns to folkloric and historical archives to uncover historical uses and the fascinating, untold stories behind deadly plants,witching herbs and fungi. https://liminal11.com/publications/

⭐️74. I WANT TO KNOW THAT I WILL BE OKAY by deirdre sullivan, published by BANSHEE PRESS: In this dark, glittering collection of short stories, Sullivan explores the trauma and power that reside in women’s bodies. A teenage girl tries to fit in at a party held in a haunted house, with unexpected and disastrous consequences. A mother and daughter run a thriving online business selling antique dolls, while their customers get more than they bargained for. And after a stillbirth, a young woman discovers that there is something bizarre and wondrous growing inside of her. https://www.bansheelit.com/shop

⭐️75. LITTLE SCRATCH by rebecca watson, published by FABER: tells the story of a day in the life of an unnamed woman, living in a lower-case world of demarcated fridge shelves and office politics; clock-watching and WhatsApp notifications. In a voice that is fiercely wry, touchingly delicate and increasingly neurotic, the protagonist relays what it takes to get through the quotidian detail of that single trajectory – from morning to night – while processing recent sexual violence. https://www.faber.co.uk

⭐️76. MAD HOPE by heather birrell, published by COACH HOUSE BOOKS: A science teacher and former doctor is forced to re-examine the role he played in CeauÃ??escu’s Romania after a student makes a shocking request; a tragic plane crash becomes the basis for a meditation on motherhood and its discontents; women in an online chat group share (and overshare) their anxieties and personal histories; and a chance encounter in a waiting room tests the ties that bind us. Birrell creates astute and empathetic portraits of people we thought we knew – and deftly captures the lovely, maddening mess of being human. https://chbooks.com/Books

⭐️77. DISTURBING THE BODY, published by BOUDICCA PRESS: A subversive new anthology of speculative memoir about misbehaving bodies. From illness to major medical operations, child-bearing to pain and chronic illness to disability, Disturbing the Body sets out to explore the many ways women feel powerless and at odds with their own bodies. In a dozen stories reflecting memoir, experience and body horror, this is an anthology full of heart that is not for the faint-hearted. https://boudiccapress.com

⭐️78. BEZOAR and other unsettling stories by guadalupe nettel, published by SEVEN STORIES PRESS: Collects six stories that capture the authors unsettling, obsessive universe. “Ptosis” is told from the point of view of the son of a photographer whose work involves before and after pictures of patients undergoing cosmetic eye surgeries. In “Through Shades,” a woman studies a man interacting with a woman through the windows of the apartment across the street. In “Petals,” a woman’s odor drives a man to search for her, and even to find her, without quenching the thirst that is his undoing. And the title story, “Bezoar,” is an intimate journal of a patient writing to a doctor. Each narrative veers towards unknown and dark corridors, and the pleasures of these accounts lie partly in the great surprise of the familiarity together with the strangeness. https://www.sevenstories.com/imprints/seven-stories-press

⭐️79. FELT IN THE JAW by kristen arnett, published by SPLIT LIP PRESS: With dark humor, Arnett explores the lives of queer women and their families in the light of the bleak Florida sun. A young dancer suddenly loses language while her family struggles to understand their new roles. A mother endures a horrifying spider bite while camping with her daughters in the backyard. A family reunion goes sour when a group of cousins are left to their own devices. In these ten stories, outward strength is always betrayed by deep vulnerability: these are characters so desperate for family and connection that they often isolate themselves- and sometimes, it’s the world isolating them. https://www.splitlippress.com

⭐️80. WHITE DANCING ELEPHANTS by chaya bhuvaneswar, published by DZANC BOOKS: The stories here center on the experiences of diverse women of color- facing sexual harassment and racial violence, as well as the violence women inflict upon each other. One woman’s miscarriage is juxtaposed against the story of the Buddha’s birth. Another cheats with her best friend’s husband, only to discover it’s her friend she most yearns for. In three different stories, three artists struggle to push courageous works into the world, while a woman with an incurable disease competes with her engineer husband’s beautiful android. https://www.dzancbooks.org/our-books

⭐️81. BLACK ORCHID BLUES by persia walker, published by AKASHIC BOOKS: Lanie Price, a 1920s Harlem society columnist, witnesses the brutal nightclub kidnapping of the “Black Orchid,” a sultry, seductive singer with a mysterious past. When hours pass without a word from the kidnapper, puzzlement grows as to his motive. After a gruesome package arrives at Price’s doorstep, the questions change. Just what does the kidnapper want- and how many people is he willing to kill to get it? http://www.akashicbooks.com

⭐️82. THE ROAD TO WOOP WOOP AND OTHER STORIES by eugen bacon, published by MEERKAT PRESS: The Road to Woop Woop and Other Stories imbues lushness in a writerly language that is Bacon’s own. This peculiar hybrid of the untraditional, the extraordinary within, without and along the borders of normalcy will hypnotise and absorb the reader with tales that refuse to be labelled. The stories in this collection are dirges that cross genres in astounding ways. Over 20 provocative tales, with seven original to this collection, by an award-winning African Australian author. https://meerkatpress.com/book-store/

⭐️83. BOY IN VARIOUS POSES by lewis buxton, published by NINE ARCHES PRESS: A debut collection of poems that explores the different types of boy you can be – tender, awful, thoughtful, vulnerable. Here, a maelstrom of mental health, male bodies, and sexuality is laid bare with wit and curiosity, and the complexity and multiplicity of gender itself is revealed. https://ninearchespress.com

⭐️84. LITTLE BOOK OF FAIRYTALES published by DANCING BEAR BOOKS: A selection of short stories influenced heavily by Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends. Packed into this little book is a curation of beautifully written original and re-imaginations of beloved Fairy Tales. Suitable for YA readers upwards, this book explores the highs and lows of life. There are tragedies, love stories and triumphs, written by and about minorities. (Unfortunately DBB was forced to shut down due to covid but this collection is amazing- go check it out!) https://www.waterstones.com/book/little-book-of-fairy-tales/dancing-bear-books/9781916210004

⭐️85. THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by mallory o meara, published by HANOVER SQUARE PRESS: uncovers the life and work of Milicent Patrick—one of Disney’s first female animators and the only woman in history to create one of Hollywood’s classic movie monsters. https://www.hanoversqpress.com

⭐️86. MORE WOMEN THAN MEN by ivy compton-burnett, published by PUSHKIN PRESS: Josephine maintains order in her girls’ school through a benevolent exterior of self-sacrifice. But when a new, male teacher and a figure from her husband’s past upset her environment’s delicate equilibrium, the darker shades of her authority begin to show and a ruthless struggle for power begins. https://pushkinpress.com/our-books/

⭐️87. FRAGMA by mojca kumerdej, published by DALKEY ARCHIVE PRESS: Kumerdej’s stories of sadism, masochism, mutual addiction, and violence in multiple forms introduce us to an utterly unique voice, valuable because it tells English readers something about contemporary Slovenia but, even more, because it tells us something about ourselves.

⭐️88. THE BLACK COUNTRY by kerry hadley pryce, published by SALT: Maddie and Harry: she’s an estate agent, he’s a teacher. They’ll say they live in the Black Country. They’ll say how they met Jonathan Cotard, explain how they later argued, had a car accident, thought they’d killed someone. Thought they had. And as they search for a truth, they’ll tell us their secrets, their mistakes. And we’ll judge them. We’ll judge Harry’s fling with a schoolgirl and Maddie’s previous life. We’ll judge the nature of love and violence, good and evil. The Black Country. For Maddie and Harry, it’s darker than it should be. https://www.saltpublishing.com/collections/all

⭐️89. THE HIGH HOUSE by jessie greengrass, published by SWIFT PRESS: Francesca is Caro’s stepmother, and Pauly’s mother. A scientist, she can see what is going to happen. The high house was once her holiday home; now looked after by locals, she has turned it into an ark, for when the time comes. The mill powers the generator; the orchard is carefully pruned; the greenhouse has all its glass intact. Almost a family, but not quite, they plant, store seed, and watch the weather carefully. A stunning novel of the extraordinary and the everyday, The High House explores how we get used to change that once seemed unthinkable, how we place the needs of our families against the needs of others – and it asks us who, if we had to, we would save. https://swiftpress.com

⭐️90. THE BI-BLE edited by lauren nickodemus and ellen desmond, published by MONSTROUS REGIMENT: Bisexuals inhabit a liminal space between cultures, often misunderstood or dismissed by the straight and gay communities alike. This selection of intersectional bi voices has come together to share their stories, helping bi voices be heard and identities seen. It’s time to stand up and spread the good word. https://www.monstrous-regiment.com/shop

⭐️91. LOVE IS AN EX-COUNTRY by randa jarrar, published by SANDSTONE PRESS: Queer. Muslim. Arab American. A proudly Fat woman. Randa Jarrar is all these things. In this provocative memoir of a cross-country road trip, she explores how to claim joy in an unravelling and hostile world. https://sandstonepress.com/books

⭐️92. ILL FEELINGS by alice hattrick, published by FITZCARRALDO: In 1995 Alice’s mother collapsed with pneumonia. Her lungs were infected, which caused flu-like symptoms. She never fully recovered and was eventually diagnosed with ME. Then Alice got ill. Their symptoms mirrored their mother’s and appeared to have no physical cause; they received the same diagnosis a few years later. Since this time, neither of them have been well, even if, at times, they believed they were well-enough. Structured around the narrative of the author and their mother’s own ill feelings, Hattrick’s collective biography of illness branches out into the records of ill health women have written about in diaries and letters. Ill Feelings blends memoir, medical history, biography and literary non-fiction to uncover untold case histories of medically unexplained and invisible illness. https://fitzcarraldoeditions.com/shop

⭐️93. THE NEW AND IMPROVED ROMIE FUTCH by julia elliott, published by TIN HOUSE: A debut novel that is part dystopian satire, part Southern Gothic tall tale: a disturbing yet hilarious romp through a surreal New South where newfangled medical technologies change the structure of the human brain and genetically modified feral animals ravage the blighted landscape. https://tinhouse.com/books/

⭐️94. FORBIDDEN LINE by paul stanbridge, published by GALLEY BEGGAR PRESS: “FORBIDDEN LINE is a monster. It’s fat, uncompromising and gloriously eccentric. Which is as it should be – since it’s a retelling of Don Quixote combined with a recreation of the Peasant’s Revolt; a gleeful hybrid of science, pseudo-science, absurd theory and profound, ingenious philosophy.” https://www.galleybeggar.co.uk/paperback-shop

⭐️95. THE RIVERS SONG by jacqueline bishop, published by PEEPAL TREE PRESS: Gloria, living with her mother in a Kingston tenement yard, wins a scholarship to one of Jamaica’s best girls’ schools. She is the engaging narrator of the at first alienating and then transforming experiences of an education that in time takes her away from her mother, friends and the island; of her consciousness of bodily change and sexual awakening; of her growth of adult awareness of a Jamaica of class division, endemic violence and the new spectre of HIV-AIDS. https://www.peepaltreepress.com/books

⭐️96. GOBLINS by jen calleja and rachel louise hodgson, published by ROUGH TRADE BOOKS: Goblins explores the beasts we’ve loved, hated, and longed to be. In a searing exploration of her personal obsessions and preoccupations—from disturbing 80s fantasy films and uncanny puppets in modern art, to sexual predators in music scenes and her longing to ‘become a goblin’ like her icons and fellow performers in DIY punk— Calleja shows us the ways she has lived in relation to these base, hungry, selfish and carefree creatures. http://roughtradebooks.com/books/

⭐️97. SECOND MEMORY by Pratyusha and Alycia Pirmohamed, published by GUILLEMOT PRESS: A collaborative pamphlet written by Pratyusha and Alycia Pirmohamed that traces and entwines their ancestral histories. Bringing together both creative and theoretical approaches, their work slips between genres – at times personal essay, at times prose-poetry – and ghosts across intergenerational trauma, shadowy memories, dreams, and fraught landscapes. https://www.guillemotpress.co.uk

⭐️98. THE HEARING TRUMPET by leonora carrington, published by EXACT CHANGE: the story of 92-year-old Marian, who is given the gift of a hearing trumpet only to discover that what her family is saying is that she is to be committed to an institution. But this is an institution where the buildings are shaped like birthday cakes and igloos, where the Winking Abbess and the Queen Bee reign, and where the gateway to the underworld is open. It is also the scene of a mysterious murder. https://exactchange.com

⭐️99. THE HARE by melanie finn, published by TWO DOLLAR RADIO: In this brooding feminist thriller, a former art student and her daughter are isolated in a rural Vermont cabin and have to contend with the toxic presence of an unbalanced con man in their lives. https://twodollarradio.com/collections/all-books

⭐️100. DEADHEADING AND OTHER STORIES by beth gilstrap, published by RED HEN PRESS: These stories tell tales of the woebegone, their obsessions with decay, and the haunting ache of the region itself. The threat of violence lingers for women and girls. Through their collective grief, heartache, and unsettling circumstances, many of these characters become feral and hell-bent on survival. https://redhen.org/book/

⭐️101. WATERFALL GIRLS by kimberly white, published by CLASH BOOKS: Legend has it that the first waterfall was created when an angry sea god threw his trident into a cliff with such force that the cliff split open, spewing water like a volcanic eruption. Through the eyes of Nereid, daughter of this angry sea god, we witness the evolution of this primal waterfall into a powerful symbol of beauty, danger, and sacrifice. Through Nereid, we witness the stories of women and girls who commit suicide by waterfall, beginning with Nereid herself, and the waterfall otherworld into which they awaken. https://www.clashbooks.com/new-products-2

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